Earn More by Winning the Highest Single Tip

Camplace prizes its most resourceful models, the ones who go above and beyond the call of duty with their shows, putting on the hottest performances on the internet for our members.

If you show our users that they should be grateful for your streams and for your smoking hot moves, they’ll tip you constantly and consistently.  And the higher the tip, the more successful you can be in our Camplace Contests.

The first five models who receive the largest single tips from individual members each month will win this contest category in sequential order. What this means is that if KandyKane receives a 6.000 token tip from one member, all at once, while JennyFox gets a 5.000 token tip, and three other performers get even smaller tips, KandyKane will receive first prize for this contest category if no other model gets a higher tip by the end of the month. The prizes range from $100 USD for last prize (fifth place) to $500 USD for first place, in this case awarded to KandyKane.

If you win the Highest Single Monthly Tip, you can still win in every other category available. With our Camplace Contests you can easily double your earnings. Stay active, put on amazing performances and show our members everything you have to offer. If they’re happy, so will you be. That’s a promise!

Check out all our other contest categories while you’re at it, and put your race hats on cause the competition’s tough and hungry!

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