Get The Most Tokens In Private Shows and Earn More

The performers who excel at private shows are the race horses of the live adult entertainment market. They go straight for the gold in the most intense performances, put on especially for the highest bidder. They don’t perform 24/7 like the marathon runner, but when they do, you know you’re in for a wild ride.

Here at Camplace we believe that all types of performers must be rewarded for their resourcefulness and skills. This is why we developed a series of contests to act as incentive for our models in this very competitive market.

One of the categories for which performers can receive rewards for their outstanding shows is Monthly Private Tokens. The first five models that receive the most tokens during a single private show will win this contest in sequential order every month.

For example, if KandyKane receives 10.000 tokens during one of her private performances, and no other model earns more during that particular month, KandyKane will be crowned the victor in first place at the end of that contest period, followed by the other models in order.

The prizes range between $100 USD for fifth place to $500 USD for first prize. Your earnings don’t necessarily end there, however, because winning one contest doesn’t mean you cannot win others as well. Check out our other contest categories and take advantage of all the options Camplace has to offer! There’s no limits to how much you can earn on our website, so plan your private shows well and make the most of our contests!

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