Let’s Chat! How Many Users Can You Entertain?

The diversity in the live cam industry is immense, not just in the type of performers that grace our streams, but also in the types of shows that flow through them. And because of the growing numbers of models both on the Internet and on Camplace, the competition’s getting intense.

Every performer now has to excel in order to make their mark in the live adult entertainment market, so hone your skills and you could even double your earnings with Camplace by excelling in one or more of our contest categories!

You can, for example, win anywhere between $100 USD and $500 USD each month if you have some of the highest numbers of chat users on your streams. To be precise, the first five models with the highest number of online users on their chat at any given time will win in this contest category in sequential order.

There’s a catch, however. Each user has to be on your stream for at least two minutes in order to be taken into consideration. What this means is that if KandyKane has 130 members on her chat at a certain time, but 30 of them are only there for half a minute, and JennyFox has 120 members who remain in her chat room for at least two minutes each, JennyFox will receive the higher prize.

In short, the algorithm for this contest calculates both number of online chat users and the amount of time they spend in that particular chat room. Glitches may take place depending on each user’s Internet connection, so in order to make the most of this contest category, try to attract as many members as possible to your stream and keep them hot and bothered for as long as you can.

Try your luck with our other contests currently running on Camplace and see what works best for you. With our website, the more resourceful you are, the more money you can make. Let the games begin!

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