Monthly Referrals Can Get You Cash Prizes

With Camplace doubling your winnings is fast and easy. The strategy’s simple: the better and longer your shows and attitude towards your fans, the more cash bonuses you can receive. And since all our performers excel at different types of shows or interactions, we’ve prepared a series of contests, where everyone can win and show who’s best. Our monthly contests are the bee’s knees for your camming experience because your hard work will not only be rewarded by our satisfied members, but also by the site itself.

For example, every month we organize a Referral Contest and prize the five models whose referrals join Camplace, buy token packages and become premium members. It all depends on their activity as users on the site, however. It’s not enough for your referrals to merely join the website. They also have to purchase tokens and use them on Camplace.

To be precise, what this means is that if KandyKane has recommended the site to her fans and five of them sign up, but do not buy any token packages, and JennyFox has only three referrals who sign up, become premium members and have an intense activity on the site, then JennyFox will be will be crowned the winner in the Monthly Referrals category.

In short, the algorithm for this contest is a complex one that not only tracks number of sign-ups for referrals, but also how large their token purchases are and their activity on the site. Referrals that simply register, but are not active on the site aren’t taken into consideration for this contest.

What all of this means is that in order to win in this category, you not only have to get your fans to register, but also keep them interested in the website and its sexy performances. It’s not an easy task, but the best five models at it get rewarded every month with $100 USD for fifth place to $500 USD for first place. You can still win in every other contest category at the same time, so check them out for further details on how to double your earnings! Good luck, performers!

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