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5 Sex Positions Women Love

Just like the guys, the ladies love certain sex positions. Actually, they can’t get enough of them, to be more specific. And why should they, after all? Sex is always a treat, no matter how and where you do it, right?

If you ask a girl about her favorite sex position, she’ll answer: the cowgirl. Another girl will say doggy style. And so on and so forth. If you want to really please her, check out our list of the most popular ways to make her wet and wild for you!



Has it ever been hard for you to achieve an orgasm while having sex? Doing it cowgirl style will work wonders. Here’s what to do the next time you feel like you aren’t cumming from missionary or another position: climb on top of your guy and ride him into the sunset of lust and passion. OK, do it without all the cheesiness we just mentioned here, that was just to get our point across.

69 sex


This sex position is a fan favorite with the guys, too. It’s just that the ladies love it more because it stimulates her clit more than any other banging method. Penetrative sex doesn’t always offer this sort of pleasuring, so guys, make sure you do it more often with your partner.

sexy boobs

The flower in bloom

If your man’s dick is smaller than average, you should tell him to experiment with this sex position the next time you grind one another. Just like you, we hadn’t even heard of the flower in bloom as a way to have the big O. Girls, here’s the best way to try it: draw up your knees till they nestle your boobs, then let your feet rest in your guy’s armpits. Continue by allowing your man to use his hands so that they cup and lift your ass cheeks; he’ll then spread your thighs and place his heels next to his hips. While he’s doing all of this, you’ll caress your titties.

snake sex

The snake

There have been a lot of studies saying how very few women have orgasms during sex. The 69 sex position is only one of many other options the girls have of reaching 7th heaven. The snake is another example, and it’s very easy to do it. You just have to lie on your stomach with him drilling you from behind. For maximum pleasure, let him do his job while you put a toy beneath your vulva and use your body’s weight to rub and grind.

wild sex

The cat

Another sex position with a weird name, but very easy to play with. All you have to do is follow our lead: lie on his stomach while he grabs your ankles using his right hand, lifts both of them high and enters you. His left hand isn’t free; it rubs your breasts, neck and face one after the other while you moan from pure pleasure.

What’s your favorite sex position from these five? Tell us in the comment section below!

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