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6 Sex Positions To Try Before You Go To Heaven (Or Hell, Depending)

Ah, sex, such a sweet word to hear. At least, if you’re as mad about it as we are. We’re also fairly sure you’ve already tried every sex position in the book. But we bet there are still many you don’t even know existed.

Which brings us back to the reason we gathered here on this special day. Well, it’s not actually that special, but our sex recommendations sure are. Thought you knew all there is to know about how you can achieve orgasm? We’ve got certain positions you should definitely try; we have pics, too, so it’s easier to copy them. Sex enlightenment will be sure to follow very soon!



Want to try out blowjobs with a twist? You need to grab a hold of your guy, tell him to sit on your face with his dick out and experiment with this position asap. It’s also a great option if you’re into BDSM and want to get submissive or dominant with your partner. One thing, though: your man has to thrust his cock into your mouth gently; otherwise, it will be uncomfortable for both of you. When you’re done, switch positions and you’ll get that sex position you both know and enjoy so much.

Pile Driver

Don’t try this at home if you’re not in shape or a yoga fan. And that means the both of you. If you haven’t hit the gym in a while, experimenting with the Pile Driver will send you to a hospital, because you need to sustain it not for a couple of seconds, but for many minutes if you want to have an orgasm. Then there’s the matter of positioning your schlong at the right angle.

The Superman

You’ll really need to be as strong as Superman to do it right, because you’ll have to lift her pelvis up until her feet are no longer on the ground. Just make sure you let her down the second you don’t feel your legs anymore from the effort; also, refrain from pulling out too much.

bedside doggy-style

Bedside Doggy-Style

Now this one’s a bit different than the usual doggy-style position you love and it’s perfect if you like it when your man is in control. To make things more comfortable for her, we suggest using either a desk or a chair for her arms.

Kneeling Sex

Another position you need to be in great shape for. However, you’ll still have to arm yourselves with the following: yoga mat, pillow and a cushion; or only one, depending on what you’re more comfortable with. Try another position if he’s much taller than you; or vice versa. You can always spice things up by playing with her nipples using your hands; or sticking your yard in her ass.

Doggy-Style Stairs

A second twist to the oh-so-popular doggy-style position, this version will work so much better than the regular one. Because steps! They help create new penetration angles and superior orgasms; and her elbows won’t hurt as much as if you were doing it on the floor, for example.

What position would you pick from this list? Let us know below!

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