6 Strange Sex Facts From Around The World!

Sex might be sex all around the world, but like we previously told you last week, there are many kinky sex rituals on this horny planet. There are also a lot of weird habits that only a handful of people still practice. This is exactly what we’ll give you this time around.

Take Europeans, for example: they see American sex norms as nuts. People over in Asia think the same about sex practices in Europe and Africa. The list goes on and on. Wanna find out stuff like number of orgasms, sexual frequency and so on in different countries? Stick with us and you’ll see.

chinese sex

Studies say that Chinese guys have some of the smallest dicks on the planet (and they’re not the only Asians with this curse). That doesn’t stop them from having a lot of sex; and it shouldn’t stop the ladies from sexing them up. 78% of the couples there get laid at least once a week, so you can imagine how much they enjoy themselves. While that is certainly verified, not every sex session ends up with many orgasms. Mexico, Spain and Italy tell another story: 66% of the guys and gals born there achieve the big O many times.

Which brings us to the next subject: top countries where a lot of penetration (per week) happens. Russia brings the rear at number 3 with 80% of ladies and men doing the naughty. Number 2 is Brazil, with 82%, and number 1 is Greece, with 87%. Americans are number 25 on the list; only 52% of them engage in weekly sexcapades.

The quality of sex is equally important. People who are the most satisfied in bed are the Nigerians. Number two is Mexico and number three is India. The rest of the list contains countries such as Poland and Greece. The U.S. and Canada are both number 10. Who’s the most frustrated country under the sheets? Japan.

creative sex

Does it pay to be the creative type when it comes to getting it on? It sure does. From the many studies done over the years, it looks like poets and professional artists have more sex than untalented people. Artists will go through 4-10 partners in their lives; compare that to only 3 sex encounters happening to data analysts or insurance people and you get the picture.

Wanna have kids in the distant future? Before you do, here’s some “wtf” pregnancy facts. Ismail the Bloodthirsty and Mrs. Vassilyeva are pretty much the unsung heroes of our world. Even so, the Guinness Book of World Records eventually entered both of them among their celebs. The guy had over 1,000 kids from four different women. The woman was the mother of 69 children. And yes, these aren’t figments of our imagination; the two have been documented, so everything’s true about what you just read.

Researcher Amy Adamczyk compared the sex behavior of people belonging to the most important religions. What she focused on were extramarital and premarital shenanigans. According to her, people who have Judaism as their religion said they had premarital sex at least once in their lives. At the other end of the spectrum are people who follow the religion of Islam.

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