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Emma Watson Nude Photos

Who doesn’t know and love Emma Watson? The hot 24-year-old actress started her career off by starring in the Harry Potter movies. We watched little Hermione grow from an awkward kid to a drop-dead gorgeous woman that the Internet can’t get tired of seeing naked.

In all honesty, real nude photos of Emma Watson have not been leaked yet, but these Photoshopped ones come close to reality (we hope!). So have a little something to add to your fucking-Hermione fantasy!

1. When she got the pixie cut, we were pretty disappointed. Watson looked incredible feminine with long hair, but we have to admit she rocked the Audrey Hepburn short pretty well. And we were all hoping that short hair meant she was at least bi. This photo makes all our lesbian Emma Watson fantasies come true!



2. Full frontal nudity has never been more attractive than when it’s posted right in front of a power car. The ultimate guy fantasy: sex and fast cars!

Emma Watson frontal nude in new car presentation photo shoot UHQ


3. After a series of fake leaked nude photos, Emma Watson posted this picture on the InternetĀ as a reply, showing just how daring she actually is and telling the world that if you want to see her naked, all you have to do is ask! Sadly, this turned out to be a hoax, and the real dress in the image is not even remotely transparent. We love the story though. It’s so good it should be true!


We can’t wait for the real nudes, but until then share these sexy naked photos of Emma Watson on Facebook and Twitter! Know any others? Leave us a comment below.

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