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Ivy’s Cam Girl Diaries: How To Be A Cam Girl!

This is already post number 6 for me, guys and gals! What better topic to celebrate with than one where I’ll tell you ladies how you, too, can be cam girls? I’m so happy to be here and talk to you all about the ins and outs of this sexy industry.

I know there are many girls who want to make guys happy by taking their clothes off for them, sticking dildos in their pussies or asses and doing steamy shows in private. But how exactly do you become a cam girl with fans all over the world? Take a seat, ladies, I’ll be your teacher today!

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Being a cam girl may seem like something you have to be extremely lucky to do. But this job isn’t reserved only to the elite. Of course, not everyone can do it. First, you really need to be sure you’re willing to spend many hours of your time chatting with complete strangers online and catering to their every need; which can involve removing all of your clothes, among other stuff. And playing with yourself until they get an erection.

Now that you’re absolutely sure you want to do all of the above in exchange for money, you need to remember this: try to be as unique as possible. Instead of playing with a dildo all day, every day, dress as Red Riding Hood and suck on a penis-shaped lollipop. Try different scenarios until you find your own cam style. Don’t worry if you’re more of a kinky personality; there are so many websites dedicated to your fetishes, that you’ll feel right at home. If you’re a Latina, no worries; many men get a hard-on for your type.

You don’t have to fit a certain body type; not all cam girls are blonde, with big boobs and small frames. Some are brunette and heavier, others are tall and muscular, you name it. There’s a cam girl for everyone and you’ll find your niche easily. Also, don’t worry if you have a different skin color, tattoos, piercings and whatnot. Men will go nuts for you, I promise; especially if you’re confident in your own charms, sex-appeal and so on.

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Which brings us to the next point: choosing the right site to be active on. Camplace is a very cool example of great places to create a profile on and start life as a cam girl. The most important reason for what I’m saying: you’ll feel secure. So many other websites say they protect your private life, only to leak your personal email and other sensitive data later on. Camplace makes sure you’re anonymous; they also make sure you’re compensated fairly and the money you make don’t arrive later than what you’re promised. If a client becomes too violent online, you can ask a mod to take care of it. The support team is also at the ready whenever you need them.

Did I convince you to try out being a cam girl and using Camplace as your sexy online playground? Let me know below and see you all again next week. Kisses from Ivy!

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