Need New Material To Fap To? Here Are 8 Movies With Real Sex In Them!

Have you already watched every adult movie ever made in your quest for the best material to jack off to? There are many just like you, and we’re certainly in the club. Do you want variety instead of the same old tired sex moves you’ve seen in countless flicks up until now? We want that, too. We can’t even tell you just how many times we couldn’t get it up because the damn movies were too boring and repetitive.

For those of you ladies and gents who’d like something that’s really different from what you’ve seen before, we stumbled upon some really succulent movies. What makes them that different from your usual James Deen flicks? Well, they have an actual story line (not all of them, but still) and they include non-simulated sex scenes in all their graphic glory. Porn movies only have the latter, but the positions they show are truly unoriginal and a waste of time (for the most part, anyway). Our list of movies that feature real sex moves comes right after the jump, so click on Read More below!

romance sex scene

Romance starts our list and it does so with good reason. It’s a French movie and that should say a lot about it. As you very well know, those Europeans aren’t afraid to show every kind of kinky thing you can imagine. And that’s true of Romance, too. This flick contains some very explicit sex scenes and they’re completely amazing. We guarantee you’ll have the biggest number of orgasms of your sex life by the time you’re done with it! Here’s the plot: Marie’s boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex with her. The girl has some really burning needs, as you may well figure, so she goes to fulfill them with (many) other men. Cue plenty of non-gratuitous fornication scenes.

pola x

Pola X is another French movie that has a lot of graphic sex scenes involved in it. Pierre is a writer who lives with his mommy dearest. While on his way to his girlfriend, he’s stopped by Isabelle, who announces him she’s his sis. These two go on to have some seriously torrid sex. Incest at its finest, if you’re into that. If not, well…we have other movie recommendations for you.


Of course our list had to include another French movie, namely Baise-moi. This time around, you have countless sex scenes to choose from. Because that’s practically what this flick is all about. There are only a couple of minutes of stuff that doesn’t have to do with guys and gals getting it on. There are a couple of shots of close-up vaginal penetration, an erect penis, couples having sex close to one another and so on. But be warned: you will have to sit through a couple of really graphic rape scenes, so skip on this movie if you’re not into violent sex.

all about anna

Time for a Danish movie now. All About Anna, produced by Lars von Trier (of course), comes at you full force. You get everything from people masturbating one another to real vaginal sex. The director’s reason for having her actors do it for real in front of a camera? “Without the sex scenes, the film’s drama would fall apart.” Well, whatever floats her boat if it gives us material to jerk off to, right?

9 songs

Another sex fest comes from this movie: 9 Songs. There are so many scenes where the actors jump each other’s bones for real, that it’s hard to choose a favorite. You’ll even enjoy a footjob if you’re into that kind of thing. Lovers of cunnilingus will have a field day, too, cause there’s plenty of that. Fellatio and penetrative vaginal sex are all thrown in the mix for good measure. And you’ll also get to admire some vibrator that’s put to very good use. The shagging between our two main characters goes on and on and on, all the more reason to self-pleasure yourself for as long as you like!


Caligula is perfect for history buffs who happen to get turned on by movies with lots of scenes where actors don’t use body doubles for raunchy sex scenes. If this sounds great, make sure you get the highly explicit unrated version of the movie. This one features every hardcore insert the movie’s director shot and meant for public viewing. Ejaculation, fellatio and penetration are the real stars of the flick, so you’d miss out on all of them if you borrow the censored and rated version.

the brown bunny

The Brown Bunny is perfect if you’re looking for a movie with a 4-minute long blowjob scene. And the thing is totally unsimulated. Chloë Sevigny kills it with her cock-sucking abilities. You need to see her in action to believe us. The flick was considered one of the worst of its period. Ah well, who cares when it makes every male viewer jizz his pants the second the blowjob scene begins?

sex scene

No list of graphic movies with real sex is ever complete without the following movie: Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song. It was so good for its time, that movie critics penned it as the most essential work in the sub-genre. Boy, were they right! It’s truly awesome! The name may be a mouthful, but what’s behind it is really fabulous. An urban legend surrounding this flick is that the main actor, Melvin Van Peebles, got an STD because of the movie. Which is why he asked for a worker’s compensation and received one.

Do you like how these eight movies sound like? Then make some time and go rent one of them (or all of them, if you’d like). We’ve already watched every single one on this list and were truly impressed. Our favorites are 9 Songs and Romance. Have you already watched one or more of these flicks? Tell us which made you cum the most! And if you have other recommendations, feel free to share them with us. We could always use more movies with real sex to go into fapping mode *wink*

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