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AmberWillis Won Miss Camplace January 2015!

We’re sure you’re already familiar with AmberWillis by now. Not only is this tall bisexual brunette one of the hottest apparitions on Camplace, but she is also one of the most talented performers on our website. Definitely one of Camplace’s Best!

The 26-year-old brunette beauty simply adores to play on cam and she’ll put on all sorts of shows for you. Having spent over 3,578 hours online performing last year, it’s no wonder she won last month’s Miss Camplace competition. It’s her fifth title! We just had to interview AmberWillis and talk to her about her amazing results on our site, her fans and her experience camming.

amberwillis nudeYou’ve been on Camplace for quite some time now. How did you find our site?

Yes, I’ve been performing on Camplace ever since September 2013. Camplace was the newest thing back then. I learned about it from the studio where I model from, once you began your collaboration with them.

How would you describe your experience on Camplace so far?

As I’m sure you’ve been able to tell by now, I work hard to be the best camgirl I can be. I’ve been here for a while and I plan on sticking around for even longer and become a highclass camgirl.

You won the title for Miss Camplace five times now, including last month, January 2015. How does that make you feel?

Coming out as Miss Camplace so many times makes me actually think that I’m MISS CAMPLACE, you know? Of course, it’s all thanks to my fans, who enjoy my shows and are constantly supporting me. I also want to thank the Camplace team for all their support. You’re the greatest!

How does a show usually go for you?

For me, doing a show means satisfying my fans’ wishes and feeling good together, not just me or the other people. A show means getting to know each other, talking and playing. I love my fans and I love the fact that they adore me!

What plans do you have for 2015?

I haven’t really thought about 2015 in those terms, but I hope to be just as good as I’ve been so far, have a ton of private shows, and have a ton of fans who love me and want me.

Are you different on-cam than you are in your day-to-day life?

If I’m different on webcam, hmm… I would say that, yes, I’m not exactly the same as I am in my regular life. But I’m not false on cam either. You can’t be to everybody’s liking, of course. I don’t like that, so I don’t put on an act. The people who like me should accept me the way I am.

AmberWillis Miss Camplace

What do you like the most about your body and why?

Oh, I really don’t know how to answer this. I’m not perfect, but then again, no one is, right?

What are the weirdest things your fans have asked you to do?

Oh, there are so many odd things my fans ask me to do. I’ll describe a couple of them. One time someone asked me to strip with just sunglasses on. Another guy asked me to sing, karaoke-style, with my sex toys as a microphone, and someone once asked me to take a ride with my car and change gears. The rest are confidential, guys. I care about my fans and their privacy. They’re pretty funny sometimes though.

What do you like to do during your free time?

I don’t have too much free time, sadly. I spend most of my hours performing live, but if I make some time I like to go shopping or go out for drinks with friends… or just rest at home, you know?

What do you like the most about being a camgirl?

I love what I do. It’s fun, entertaining and pleasant. I feel really good when my fans admire and respect me. I’m happy performing for them because they get me and love me. Thanks for this interview, Camplace, because this way I can thank all my fans and tell them I love them! I’d also like to thank the Camplace team and wish you all the best of luck!

sexy amberwillis

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