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AmiePond is Miss Camplace December 2014!

We’re eager to launch this new series of awesome performers. From now on, whenever you see Camplace’s Best, expect to be acquainted with our most talented and loved models! Our first interview is with the lovely AmiePond, last month’s Miss Camplace winner. Check out her playful answers!

AmiePond is a petite 27-year-old, who enjoys having fun live on cam. She loves sex, craves it constantly, but would also like to share more intimate experiences with her fans. If you’re looking for the full live cam show, you’ve found it in this foxy brunette!

AmiePond pretty camgirl1. How did you find Camplace?

A friend told me about it. And I am a competitive person, so the contests made me create an account and give it a try!

2. How did it feel for you to win Miss Camplace December 2014?

It was not just a win for me, but a win for all those who have helped and supported me. This made me so very happy!

3. What’s a typical on-cam day for you like?

During the week I usually have school, so it’s quieter. I chat with friends, put on a few shows. But the weekend is when the fun really starts. It’s games and drinking time! We play lot of games including my board with numbers (haha, I need to find a name for it, maybe the blog readers can help me!). I offer nice prizes in my games and I just have fun with all those who are in my room.

4. Are you different on cam than you are in regular life?

I must say I am shyer in regular life that I am on cam.

5. Tell us about your Doodle Gang. What’s that all about?

My doodle gang! I try to make my time on cam fun and get the best out of it. I don’t call people clients. I make friends and it’s fun to be part of a gang. I like to see my room as a place where friends hang out together, ask each other about their day and have a pleasant time. Even if it is the porn industry, I do believe that it should be more than just getting naked for tokens. And, well, my doodle gang, they’re the best guys in the world, my friends and the biggest reason I keep coming back!

Miss Camplace AmiePond

6. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been asked to do on cam?

To get all messy: oil on my body, tooth paste, eggs in my hair, chocolate! It was a crazy private show but I found it fun. So, yes, it was weird but in a funny way.

7. What sort of people do you like to have on your chat?

I like the polite ones, the ones who are friendly. The ones who respect me because, after all,  this is my job. I like real men, who don’t beg or post porn emotes on my wall.

8. Do you have any fetishes and favourite sex toys?

I am not a big fan of toys. I like to feel myself and enjoy every moment, but I did order the Sbian toy. I have heard it does wonders! As a fetish, hmm, man in uniform, definitely.

9. How did you become a cam girl?

I had moved to a new city, and was in need for money. That’s what made me start, but I made friends. I have met wonderful people and that’s what kept me in this business!

10. Lastly, if you weren’t so successful on cam, what else would you have liked to do?

I would have liked to be a photographer or an artist. I love to paint but I’m still learning and trying to get better. Both photography and painting are just hobbies that help me relax.

fun cam girl

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