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Check Out Our Latest Video! Camplace, The Right Place

A couple of days ago we were roaring the streets of Bucharest, Romania, freezing our asses off, but for a totally worthy cause! We recently filmed our latest video and we got Playboy Bunny Florentina Raiciu to star in it as our model!

The Camplace Bunny walks the street, unaware of all the good luck around her. Our agents are always on the look-out to make sure everything goes well on the website and with our girls’ streams. We wanted to showcase that special 24/7 care and support in the video and present the real partnership that exists between our site representatives and models. Check it out!

The message we wanted to convey is that we keep our girls safe even from dangers they’re not aware of, and that we’re always here to help advise them in their decision-making process. Without any further ado, here’s the awesome video that came out of it:

Let’s meet the agents! (in order of appearance)

Adam Kosztyukovics is our talented Media Buyer, whose role it is to get the most profitable traffic to our website and to our girls. By employing banners and pop-ups, and acquiring the most cost-effective media, he sends quality traffic to Camplace. Basically, ladies, he’s the one who brings in the paying members to your streams.  He’s got his eyes on your wallets and that’s nothing but good news!

Marton ‘Micky’ Nagy is Camplace’s Head of Customer Support and Model Development. He’s the head honcho when it comes to all model-related and user-related questions, answers and suggestions. Basically, he takes all our girls’ and members’ issues and inquiries and turns them into ideas on how to improve the website and your overall user experience.

Beatrice Kadar is the second lovely blonde in our video, but above that, she is Camplace’s Partnership Manager. She’s our main liaison between the website and our models and studios, and is always on hand to help broker the great relationship between the two. If she sounds familiar, well that’s because she was recently nominated for Best Site Representative at the Live Cam Awards 2015! Vote for her until March 5th and for under Best Emerging Website & Best Innovative Website!

Last but not least, we wanted to share with you a picture of our Playboy girl Florentina Raiciu, one where the clothing situation is a little different. Thought we’d leave you dry? Never!

Florentina Raiciu Playboy

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