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Meet Camplace’s New Social Media Ambassador, Ivy Davis!

Camplace is growing so fast with each passing day, so much so that one person can’t handle keeping track of all our fans on social media. This is why we’d like you to meet Ivy Davis, a gorgeous woman from Miami, Florida, currently residing in sunny Greece. She’ll be handling all our social media accounts starting today and can’t wait to get in touch with all of you. Be sure to drop by and say hi!

We actually found Ivy searching for new talent to join Camplace. After interviewing her and realizing what an amazing personality she has, we instantly fell in love with her and offered her a job to be our Social Media Ambassador. She wanted to leave you a message, so without any further ado, here’s what Ivy had to say:

Ivy Davis sexy“Hi hi, bbz!

It’s so great to start working on Camplace. I love the project and I can’t wait to meet all our fans. Add me on Facebook at Ivy Camplace and let’s start having some fun!



The lovely Ivy Davis will be posting from now on in every Camplace account, so make sure you keep up with all of them!





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