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6 Sex Positions To Try Before You Go To Heaven (Or Hell, Depending)

Ah, sex, such a sweet word to hear. At least, if you’re as mad about it as we are. We’re also fairly sure you’ve already tried every sex position in the book. But we bet there are still many you don’t even know existed.

Which brings us back to the reason we gathered here on this special day. Well, it’s not actually that special, but our sex recommendations sure are. Thought you knew all there is to know about how you can achieve orgasm? We’ve got certain positions you should definitely try; we have pics, too, so it’s easier to copy them. Sex enlightenment will be sure to follow very soon!

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sexy ivy

Ivy’s Cam Girl Diaries: How To Be A Cam Girl!

This is already post number 6 for me, guys and gals! What better topic to celebrate with than one where I’ll tell you ladies how you, too, can be cam girls? I’m so happy to be here and talk to you all about the ins and outs of this sexy industry.

I know there are many girls who want to make guys happy by taking their clothes off for them, sticking dildos in their pussies or asses and doing steamy shows in private. But how exactly do you become a cam girl with fans all over the world? Take a seat, ladies, I’ll be your teacher today!

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Porn Pics, Get Laid More With Tennis & Sugar Babies Galore

Did you know there are photographers who snap pics of sweaty porn stars and put them up online for our benefit? Yup, such wonderful individuals really exist and we found one who’s all kinds of very special.

It looks like people who play tennis or go to tennis competitions enjoy much more sex than those of us who do neither. The next time you want some steam in your bedroom, bone someone while watching the white sport; or, dunno, do a cosplay as a famous tennis player. Then watch something called “Sugar Baby of the Year” pageant. Yes, it’s very much for real.

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Best Kinky Online Dating Communities & A Vagina Couch!

Ever had a pen pal when you were younger? Many of us did and those exchanges blossomed into relationships or very good friendships. But did you know that now that we’re adults, we can have sex pen pals?

Kinky pen pals are definitely a thing; and if you haven’t tried this yet, you should. We give you some reasons why and one of the best ways to get in touch with naughty people. Want to buy something special for your online pen pal (or yourself)? There’s a great idea you can try!

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sexy ivy

Ivy’s Cam Girl Diaries: Save Your Marriage With A Cam Girl!

My work at Camplace is never over, lovely people. There’s always something kinky to talk about. Being a cam girl is always such great fun and I have many sexy stories and tips to give to all of my horny readers.

The time has come to tell you how a cam girl can help if you’re having various marriage problems. But first, make sure your wife doesn’t know you’re fooling around with a cam girl online instead of doing the deed with her. Once you have that one covered, go ahead and enjoy your favorite hot cam girl!

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