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Dating App For Bacon Fans & 11 Weird Sexual Attractions

Welcome to another week of crazy sexy cool news (more crazy than sexy, but OK), naughty girls and guys.  We’ll start the weirdfest with an app that looks like Tinder, acts like Tinder, but it’s more of a place that connects people who love bacon.

Moving on, we give you a list of people who marry pillows, pieces of walls and then have sex with them; or the other way around, depending on what they like the most. There are 11 men and women like this, and we’ll talk about all of them below!

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hot babe

Keep Your Hands Off Your Girl’s Sensitive Places, Guys!

Just like you, men, the ladies love to be touched all over their bodies when you have sweet (or rough) sex with them. But just like you, they have certain parts which are more sensitive to the touch. If you don’t behave, girls will kick you out in an instant.

Getting lost in the banging doesn’t mean you should forget that your woman’s body has likes and dislikes when it comes to your hands touching her. We’ll tell you what places to avoid while you’re getting down with it and touching on her body!

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busty blonde

15 Best Cities To Have The Greatest Sex Ever – Part 3

Time to end our series of best promiscuous cities to have some sexy fun in with part number three. So far, we took you on a trip to these 10 yummy spots: Athens, Pattaya, Toronto, Ottawa, De Wallen, France, Cambridge, Madrid, Tokyo and New York.

We still have five naughty places to show you. Each of them is as sex-friendly as the other, so grab a pack of condoms, choose one or two cities (all of them, if you’re feeling very horny) and prepare yourself for one of the best sexcapades you’ll ever have.

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sexy ivy

Ivy’s Cam Girl Diaries: What You Can’t Do At Work

It’s Thursday again, lusty readers, which means another chapter from my cam girl diary. This time we’re talking about what you can’t do while you’re working as a cam girl. The job in itself has a lot of pros, but have you ever wondered about its cons?

While doing your sexy thing live in front of a cam is all sorts of great, you do have to experience some bumps in the road. Nothing major, of course, so no worries. Girls, here’s what you can’t do if you want to keep doing what you’re doing!

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Don’t Try These Sex Moves On A Girl, Men!

Guys love to show off in bed, but that doesn’t always mean the ladies are enjoying themselves as well as the dudes think they are. That hard thrusting you do? It means nothing, zilch, nada, so better learn what she doesn’t like before she kicks you out of bed.

A lot of girls say they aren’t satisfied with the size of their guys’ dicks; others complain about their sex techniques, which are almost always bad. Men, this is the time to find out what you can do to avoid annoying a hot girl!

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