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robot sex

Robot Hookers, Sex Toys For Girls & Switzerland’s Drive-In Sex Boxes

The future sure does look bright for us people who love getting freaky with it. Remember when we told you about those very real-looking sex dolls we’ll be able to buy in the near future? Or the many sex toys we will have access to in a matter of months?

Good news is: they aren’t the only good stuff to come out in the next couple of years. Robot hookers will also be available not too far into the future. In the meantime, the ladies are invited to check out some new sex toys for them. Last but not least: if you’re on vacation in Switzerland, how about you try their drive-in sex boxes?

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BDSM on bed

London’s Best Sex Shops – Part 1

London is one of the best places to be if you’re a fan of all things sexy and kinky. You get access to everything that has to do with erotica, from fetishware to sex shops, naughty underwear, BDSM gems and so on on.

Not all items are expensive, though, and you’ll find great bargains if you know where to look. There are, of course, exclusive and fancy places, but you’ll equally discover some frills-free spots. Explore the city’s top sex shops with us!

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sexy ivy

Ivy’s Cam Girl Diaries: How To Choose Your Ideal Cam Girl

Missed me, you horny people you? I’ve sure missed you since we last talked here. Everyone’s enjoyed themselves this past week? Was steamy sex (real or virtual) involved by any chance? I know I’ve been pretty busy myself *giggles*

I hope you didn’t forget to play with the lovely babes on Camplace. Especially with your favorites. But we do have some new faces ready to fulfill your wettest dreams, so be sure to check them out soon *wink* Who knows, maybe you’ll find another favorite! Until then, here’s how to find the best cam girl for your tastes.

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sexy couple

Weird Female Orgasms and Sex Positions In Other Languages

Ah, sweet orgasm, how much we adore thee! So much so, that we could have you all day, every day (almost). There are a lot of ways to achieve an O, and each is as awesome as the other. But we bet you didn’t know there are also very strange orgasms out there.

Have you ever tried using another language when having sex? You should, because it’s totally worth it. We’ll teach you some words and what they mean so you can use them the next time you have a hot date in your bed.

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hot thai babe

15 Best Cities To Have The Greatest Sex Ever – Part 2

Still want to make the most of autumn while it’s here? You can start by having more sex to get the temperature rising. Everything’s welcome, no matter how kinky you might think it is. Start with a juicy blowjob, then work your way up to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Use as many sex toys as you’d like and have fun. But if you want to make things more exciting, we recommend getting some hot’n’heavy action in a promiscuous city where anything and everything is possible, 24/7. You already know 5 hot places; we have 5 more for you!

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