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Camplace’s Best: Sultry and Seductive LauraSmith

We’d like to introduce you to one of Camplace’s new talented cam models, a gorgeous blonde with deep brown eyes, who’s curious to learn more about your fantasies and find the kinkiest ways of making them a reality. Once she gives you that side smile of hers, you better be sure she’s thinking some of the dirtiest thoughts a mind could come up with. LauraSmith is all this and so much more. We can’t wait for you to discover one of Camplace’s Best!

Tall, thin, and with a body you’d probably be able to crack nuts on *wink wink*, you’ll instantly fall for this gorgeous babe. Her shows are one-of-a-kind. Her hot stream will have you hooked in no time. And if you really want to make your fantasies a reality, try her in private. Nothing beats this camgirl’s moves when only a pair of eyes are watching her. Everything comes off then, both clothes and inhibitions.

LauraSmith camplace modelWe wanted to learn more about this promising camgirl, and, luckily, LauraSmith was more than eager to answer our questions. Check the interview out below!

Hello, beautiful! How did you find out about Camplace and do you like it here?

Hello back! I heard about Camplace from the studio I just started to work at. I can’t make a complete opinion right now, but things may get interesting once the members get better used to private shows.

How did you decide to become a cam girl?

I had heard about “camgirls” recently  and I decided to give it a try. It sounded like fun and so far I like it!

What do you think are the traits every cam girl should have?

I think every camgirl should have attitude. They should be smart, entertaining and dedicated, and should have a little game to stimulate the members.

What do you think can make you succeed in this business?

I will succeed through creativity, with new ideas to keep the members satisfied and motivation. That`s the key from my point of view.

What’s the most funniest performance you ever put on? Can you describe it to us?

I was in private and I was teasing a faithful member. I was trying to burn some candles to set a romantic mood, when I dripped some wax on my pinkie toe and screamed from the top of my lungs “OUUCHHH”! He laughed so much but at first he was a little scared because he couldn`t see what happened.

camplace camgirl laurasmith

Were you ever shy at the beginning of your cam career? How was your first day on cam?

Yes. I think that every woman has a shy side. But being shy can be sometimes be very sexy. I was shy at the beginning but now I only play a shy side.

What do you like most in a man?

What I like the most in a man is a funny, entertaining and smart personality.

What plans do you have for the future?

I have many plans but I haven’t decided yet. From my point of view, you have to come clean with your present, “now” moment and afterwards start making plans.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I really enjoy traveling, swimming, reading and spending time with family and the people I care about.

Lastly, would you like to dedicate a message to your fans?

I don`t like the idea of fans, so let`s call them supporters. And yes, keep it honest, cool and be yourselves. That is the best attitude to have in order to get closer to me and create a lasting connection.

sexy laurasmith

So, dear members, do you have what it takes to create a long-lasting connection with the beautiful LauraSmith? This little vixen loves to play on the shy side and we’re sure you’ll love her games. Join her in a private performance and let her blow your mind with her hot and sultry performance. This blonde babe is pure gold, and we can’t wait for you to find that out.

Leave her a message in the comments below cause we’re sure she’d love to hear from you, and don’t forget to check out her stream on Camplace!

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