LucyX Is A Real Life Barbie Doll

LucyX describes herself as ninety-nine per cent angel and the rest, well, you’ll have to find out by yourself! What we can tell you is that that remaining one per cent of this gorgeous woman is mischief in its purest form. The 20 year-old cam babe is a real life Barbie Doll with beautiful blonde hair and stunning green eyes that are bound to mesmerize you. But this Barbie’s doing things with her body you would have never imagined! Adult toys are so much better than the ones we played with when we were kids, right?

Tall and thin, with the face of an innocent sweetheart, but the moves of a naughty girl, you know you’re getting the whole package with LucyX. Currently streaming from Bucharest, Romania, this hottie will bring Eastern passion to your homes/offices/bedrooms directly from your computer screens. Just sit back, relax, and unwind. And don’t forget to lock the door before the show starts!

From dancing to role play all the way to live orgasms, LucyX’s performances are wild and smoking hot, but don’t take our word for it. This babe’s in the top three in our Camplace rank and top five in Miss Camplace, constantly earning tips and impressing her fans in private shows. One user even compared her performances to eating M&M’s. “You can’t stop after one private viewing”! A taste is never enough with LucyX, so what are you waiting for to get your taste buds rolling?

Short info:

  • sexual preference: Straight
  • age: 20
  • height: 173.00 cm
  • weight: 50.00 kg
  • hair: Blonde
  • eyes: Green
  • breasts: C-cup



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