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5 Hottest Female Porn Stars You Should Fap To

Adult entertainment is the source of many of our best orgasms and we think you can agree with us on this one. How many lonely nights have you spent with kinky sex clips that made you hard when you needed it the most? That many, huh? Been there, done that.

The porn universe is (and will be, for a long time we think) one of the best ways to make your dick and vag wet when your horny levels are through the roof. Which is why we want to introduce you to the most famous girls and guys of the adult industry. We’ll start with the ladies and next week we’ll mention the dudes.

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5 Sex Positions Women Love

Just like the guys, the ladies love certain sex positions. Actually, they can’t get enough of them, to be more specific. And why should they, after all? Sex is always a treat, no matter how and where you do it, right?

If you ask a girl about her favorite sex position, she’ll answer: the cowgirl. Another girl will say doggy style. And so on and so forth. If you want to really please her, check out our list of the most popular ways to make her wet and wild for you!

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Welcome To Porn College & Turn Your Sex Fantasy Into Reality ASAP!

Anyone know any famous porn star (girl or guy)? Other than James Deen and Stoya, we mean. How about some names from other countries? No? Well, we have one for you, and it’s a guy who comes from Italy: Rocco Siffredi. He has some big news for us!

Speaking of which: we’ve all had our fair share of sexual fantasies after watching an adult flick. But since no hot babe or sexy stud was available at the time, we had to fondle ourselves to cum. We have some very naughty fantasies you absolutely need to turn into reality with your favorite cam girl; or your partner, if you’re single no more!

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Sex Slang & Kim Davis Received A Porn Proposal!

If you do a quick search on Google for “sex slang”, you’ll stumble across so many examples, that it’s not even funny. The subject is so popular, that a lot of categories have been created just for it. Most of the words, however, are very dated. So we thought, how about making a list with new ones?

Remember Kim Davis? As if anyone could have forgotten this woman after the whole Internet went nuts because of her. Well, she became so popular, she was offered a certain sum to be the star of an adult vid. Last but not least: a Netflix and Chill condom was created.

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Vagina Art, No More Robot Sex & Shagging After Pregnancy

After telling you about a vagina competition, pussy couches and a pussy pillow, we have other exhilarating news: vag art! But the whole thing has a twist: it isn’t done on purpose. Still, it’s great and you should totally see the final product, so to say.

Next up: meet Pepper, a robot unlike any other you’ve ever seen. Back when it was released, you could use it for stuff like talking and flirting. Pretty soon, though, people wanted to do the naughty with it. We’re ending our post with info on what it means for women to have sex after giving birth.

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