How To Sign Up On Camplace

Registering yourself as a member on Camplace is fast, easy and completely free of charge. You can easily browse the site as a guest, without an account, and view our live streams, but you will get a pop-up now and then, reminding you about our fast free sign-up. You don’t require a credit or debit card, only a valid e-mail address from where you can confirm your free account.

We know the pop-up can get a little annoying at times. However, we ask that you only register to ensure our performers’ privacy. After all, they’re giving you everything they’ve got. The least you can do is give them a username to remember you by.

Here’s the step-by-step process to signing up:

1. Choose a Username – in order to create your free account, all you need is to select a username for yourself, which will appear in the chat room. You need to pick something between 4 and 25 characters long, with no spaces.

Screenshot (106)2. Type in Your E-mail Address – add a valid e-mail address, where Camplace can send you a verification e-mail, which you will then use to validate your account.

3. Choose a Unique Password – choose a new password, different from all your other profiles to make sure that your Camplace account stays safe and unhacked, especially if your significant other or certain family members have access to some of your passwords or profiles.

4. Click the big green button to create a free account!

That’s all, folks! Remember: registering on Camplace is fast, easy and completely free!

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