Learn How to Block Countries and IPs

Having control over who can see your performances in the live adult entertainment industry is crucial in this business. Whether you’re trying to keep your career a secret from your parents, spouses or children, your anonymity is essential, and Camplace is here to help you protect your privacy. In order to do this, we have created a simple web tool that can help you remain discreet in this line of work, as well as help you target your ideal clients.

This is why we’ve made a very fast and easy-to-use Block tool available.  Once you sign in as a model on Camplace, simply go to your Dashboard, the Settings, and then Block Countries. Here you can block any country you might fear could cause you harm. For example, if you have an Arab background and you fear the Muslim community might upset you in any way, you can block predominantly Muslim countries. This will ensure that anybody with an IP from these countries will be unable to access your profile or stream – they will be simply redirected or have an error page load.

If, on the other hand, you want to keep people from your own country away, simply block it. Maybe you have an extended family and you don’t want all your aunts to know what you’re up to, or maybe you don’t want your kids’ class mates accidentally coming over your stream. Whatever the reason, your privacy is safe with Camplace.

When you block your own country, however, you must unblock your IP address, which you can also do from Settings. This way you can view your own profile again.

If at any moment you decide you want to unblock a particular country, simply click the Remove Ban button next to it.

Block Tool Ban

Our Block tool, however, isn’t solely designed to protect your privacy. You can also use it to target your ideal audience. For example if you’re a real life Barbie doll and think your shows would work best in Asia, you can focus solely on that continent. It really depends if you have a niche that works only or best in certain parts of the world.

Focusing on a particular region of the world and protecting your privacy is easy with Camplace. Feel free to share with us your opinions on this tool in the comments section and your proposals for other features that could improve your camming experience. We might consider developing them!

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