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The Top Camgirls Advertise on Twitter!

While Facebook is pretty stiff when it comes to nudity and displaying your sexuality openly and publicly, Twitter is precisely the opposite. It’s the best free social media site that you can use to advertise your camgirl persona. It allows you to post public messages about your activities that your fans can follow in real-time. It’s the perfect networking service for the live cam business.

Treat your followers with sexy snapshots, printscreens and selfies of yourself. Let them know when you’re online. Tell them about the sexy parts of your day – “Taking a nice hot bubble bath”, “My stockings broke, I look like such a slut!”, “I’m so horny right now!”. Whether these tweets are true or not doesn’t matter, your followers are gonna love them!

Step 1. How do I set up a Twitter account? First of all, go to, and sign up using your name, e-mail address and a password. During the next steps you will be asked for a username. Pick the same camgirl name you use or something in the same line if that one is already taken by someone else so your fans can find you easily.

Step 2. How do I get followers? It’s important that you complete your profile. Add a profile picture and one for the header. Please note that Twitter asks that these two photos not be pornographic. Otherwise you can post anything you want. Go crazy! Once your profile is all set up, start looking for fellow camgirls to follow as well as cam sites. You can find us at @camplace.

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Next up, start posting and don’t forget to use appropriate hashtags! Play around with each post. For example, you can write “I’m so #horny right now! #livesex #camgirl”. The words that have hashtags before them will appear in searches on Twitter and new followers can find you using these keywords.

Just think about the kind of followers you’re looking for before tweeting. If you’re trying to use your Twitter account to advertise your camgirl persona, go for the sexy hashtags, and remember that punctuation marks are not supported by them (!, ?, ; etc.).

To tag someone in your posts, just write the account name with an “@” in front. For example, if you want to tell your followers you’re checking into Camplace right now, give them your live stream link and say something like “I’m super #horny @camplace. Come see me #liveoncam!”

Ready to start tweeting, ladies? Twitter can help you get your camgirl name out there and find you new fans to join your chatrooms!

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